Since 1992, Anthem has a proven track record of identifying and completing profitable investments, both in Canada and the United States, delivering great returns to our investors and partners.

Here are just three examples of completed Anthem deals:

Anthem 611 Alexander Limited Partnership

Alexander Centre is a 345,959 sf office and light industrial/manufacturing complex located one mile east of Downtown Vancouver, BC. Originally used as a manufacturing plant, the property was extensively renovated and upgraded in the mid-1980s to enable its present use, and is comprised of five buildings plus a freestanding, two-level parkade. Anthem acquired 50% interest in late 1997 and sold it in 2009.

Site size: 4.12 acres
Total sf: 345,959 sf
Location: 611 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC
Year Acquired: Dec,1997
Acquisition price $9,848,500
Year Sold: Oct, 2009
Sale Price $19,850,000
Simple Average Annual Return 30.38%

Anthem KSC I Limited Partnership

In 2005, Anthem created an opportunity to invest in a minority interest investment in a limited partnership that held 12 retail assets comprised of eight strip centres, three enclosed shopping malls, and one power centre located in British Columbia and Alberta. In 2011, this investment eventually concluded with equity investors receiving over 23% return (simple average annual) on their invested equity.

Site size: 104.84 acres
Total sf: 1,201,811 sf
Location: BC and Alberta
Year Acquired: April, 2005
Acquisition price $7,000,000
Year Sold: Nov, 2011
Sale Price $17,826,000
Simple Average Annual Return 23.64%

Anthem Lincoln Center Limited Partnership

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Anthem purchased this 13 building office park in 1996. The Lincoln Center Office Park is a high-quality, low density office property, 100% occupied (when purchased) by 49 tenants averaging 1,801 sf. Anthem was able to negotiate a purchase price of $90.64 per sf when the adjacent property sold for over $170 per sf. Anthem operated and managed Lincoln Center from 1996 to 2002. Equity investors in this limited partnership received over 17% return (simple average annual) on their invested equity.

Site size: 6.79 acres
Total sf: 88,253 sf
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Year Acquired: July, 1996
Acquisition price $8,000,000
Year Sold: July, 2002
Sale Price $11,630,000
Simple Average Annual Return 17.20%

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