Do what you say

  • I deliver on my commitments
  • I do what it takes to get things done
  • I lead by example


  • We energetically exchange ideas with mutual respect
  • We resolve conflict quickly, then let it go
  • We make time for face to face interaction
  • We have fun


  • I work from "yes" as opposed to "no"
  • I make time for innovative thinking
  • I challenge the status quo
  • I get out of my ivory tower


  • I am obsessed about results
  • I take initiative
  • I demonstrate tenacity

Say what you mean

  • I am honest, open, and direct
  • I have the courage to ask questions
  • I say at the meeting what I would say after the meeting


  • I like reaching goals and being on time and on budget
  • I love seeing the investments succeed
  • I like crossing items off a to do list
  • I like seeing others achieve goals
  • I value productive achievement